A Change of Scenery (X-Men Red Vol 1 #4 Comic Review)

X-Men Red Vol 1 #4 Written by: Tom Taylor Art by: Mahmud A. Asrar Cover art by: Travis Charest What You Need To Know: In the last issue of X-Men Red, our team of merry mutants was attacked by a giant ...

9 Amazing

Marvel August 2018 Solicitations

As we press onward through 2018, Marvel Comics charges into August with multiple events beginning, events ending, and an event like Death of The Inhumans swept under the rug amidst everything else. Od...

“Seriously, @#$% Noble Sacrifices” (All-New Wolverine #35 Comic Review)

All-New Wolverine #35-Old Man Laura Part 3 Writer: Tom Taylor Art: Ramon Rosanas Cover: David Lopez Color:Nolan Woodard Letters: Cory Petit Variant: Elizabeth Torque   Synopsis: This is the concl...

7.9 Good

The Crier’s Voice Would Tell Me [Wolverine: The Long Night Podcast Review #1]

Firstly, I must admit something to you, dear readers, there are two things I love in life more than almost anything else. They are 1. Richard Armitage and 2. Wolverine. Therefore, you can surmise my e...

9 Amazing

Breaking the Bands of Death (Hunt for Wolverine #1 Comic Book Review)

Hunt for Wolverine #1: The Return of Wolverine   Written by: Charles Soule Art by: David Marquez and Paulo Siqueria Cover by: Steve McNiven What Just Happened: We see how a couple of the superher...

9 Amazing

Brutality Cometh ( X-Force: Sex & Violence Back Issue Review)

X-Force Sex & Violence #1-3 Art by: Gabriele Dell’Otto Cover by: Gabriele Dell’Otto Written by: Craig Kyle, Christopher Yost       In 2010 Marvel unleashed one of their ...

9.6 Amazing

“None Of You Can Kill Like Me” (All-New Wolverine #34 Comic Review)

All-New Wolverine #34-Old Woman Laura Part 2 Writer: Tom Taylor Art: Ramon Rosanas Color: Nolan Woodard Cover: David Lopez Letters: Cory Petit   Synopsis: Though most of the world’s problems have...

8.4 Great

The X-Men Return! Marvel Reclaims X-Men 2019!

That’s right. The X-Men return to Marvel in 2019! The X-Men, The Fantastic Four, and related properties look to return to Marvel by end of Summer 2019. Fox Studios held a meeting where the 21st ...

C2E2 Marvel Updates with Podcasts galore!

In true C2E2 fashion, Marvel New Media announced several upcoming projects that will be definitely be something to look forward to beyond just comic books and movies. Earth’s Mightiest Show will...

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